Shopaholic & Zakka

I'm not a shopaholic, seriously :p Ok, I used to shop a lot but ended up with so many white elephants and junk that I shop rather cautiously these days. I mean things that I will use (whether now or future, haha).

And I'm a big Japanese Zakka 雑貨 lover. I think this word is coined in Japan? Basically it refers to anything that improves your home, lifestyle and appearance, and can range from fashion accessories, household items, handicraft, ornaments, stationery and such.

I love the following Zakka brands and I'm also sharing some of my travelling hauls :p

  • Afternoon Tea
  • FrancFranc
  • Muji
  • Watashi No Heya
  • Laura Ashley
  • Natural Kitchen
  • 3 coins
  • Tokyu Hands
  • Loft
  • 212 Kitchen


  1. I love Zakka items too..nowadays i also try to take photo with Zakka look. Nice to know your blog.

  2. I LOVE ZAKKA! I just bought a whole lot of things from Style Shop, Rakutena, Cotta, and Rakuten JP :P heheh

    And Loft and Tokyu Hands are my must visit places when i go Japan too!