30 March 2014

Koh Samui Nov 2013 - Part VI Spa

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Part II - Akyra Chura Samui Resort
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More spas have certainly sprung up in Samui especially at Chaweng Beach area, in the past 2 years as compared to 4-5 years back when we first visited.

One of the brands that has been quite aggressive in expanding is D's Spa. The brand has opened 2-3 large branches along the busiest part of Chaweng Beach and appeared to be attracting a fair number of tourists due to it's clean outlook and lovely furnishings.

We too were attracted. Prices-wise, it remained quite competitive, about 300 baht for a foot + back massage.

Upon entrance, guests are invited to this foot wash area where the therapists will provide a simple scrubbing and washing service.

Ground floor area is mainly for foot and back massage.

I asked for my favourite "tiger balm back massage" which is a soothing massage concentrating on the back, shoulder and neck area using tiger balm and some massage oil. The massage also combined some thai style stretching. Hubby asked for the traditional thai massage. This was the 2nd level massage area where we had our massage.

This is another area, probably for facial or scrub/wrap.

I was asked by my therapist to remove my top for the back massage. As for hubby, simply wore his existing clothes. I remembered a few years back when we went for such spas, we would be given a set of comfortable cotton wear to change into. Anyways, the skills of both therapists were so-so only. And after the massage, we were offered only water to drink as we proceed for payment, whereas in the past the spas we visited would lead us to a lounge for relaxation and offer herbal tea.

I think the large spa establishments at Samui these days didn't really train their therapists very well, so their massaging technique and skills weren't up-to-par. And to save costs, cut down on offering cotton wear and herbal tea for customers.

The next day, we went to a smaller establishment Sarunya Spa which was located at the quieter end of Chaweng Beach.

We were led to a lounge sofa area.

Our therapists brought out tubs of water for the foot wash/scrub service.

Also offered a soothing pandanus drink before the start of our massage.

This is the foot massage area.

Once again, I opted for the "tiger balm back massage", same for hubby. This was the massage area located at the ground floor. We were offered a pair of cotton shorts to change into. Yep, much more thoughtful indeed. The skills of the therapists were much better than D's Spa.

After the massage, we were once again offered a herbal drink at the lounge area. Quite pleased with the overall service and quality and hence returned the following night for a foot massage which was equally good.

I guess if we were to return to Chaweng Beach again, we would go for Sarunda Spa or other mid-size establishments instead of the big chains. Till then, I shall be missing my tiger balm massage which can only be found in Samui.

Finally, I've concluded my sharing on this Samui trip! Looking forward to the next one this year (once there's a good promo for Bangkok Airways)!


  1. Hi Lisa,
    Yes, Samui is a lovely island!

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